November 30, 2023

Exercise plays an important role in losing weight. However, in some cases, exercise is not always feasible. Can you really lose weight without exercise? What do you need to consider? In this blog post, you can find the answers to these questions and the most important principles of losing weight without exercise.

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“If you want to lose weight, you have to exercise.” Fitness coaches, health organizations, sports magazines and so on have repeatedly advocated this principle. Of course, exercise is an important part of muscle building and fitness.
But sometimes life brings problems to work. Personal stress, extra work at work, and possibly even illness can ensure that exercise is at the bottom of our priority list.
Me too. This year is still very new, but I’m really moved. Like many others, I was bedridden with severe flu for nearly a week. Fever, cough, physical pain. That’s it. As you know, it was impossible to do any exercise at that time.
However, when you feel better and begin to feel better, you often make mistakes in training before your body really benefits. Usually, the only reason is that you are afraid to gain weight, exercise muscles or get sick again.
I often have to learn painfully that exercise is absolutely impossible in the first few days of recovery. If you retrain too early, it will not only endanger the recovery process, but also threaten your health.
Therefore, this time I strictly abide by the prohibition of sports and did not train for two and a half weeks. When I first went to the gym, it was easy. A little aerobic exercise, a little abdominal exercise, that’s it. I have nothing to say.
Another thing worth mentioning: my condition (and other causes of cough) has been affected a little, but looking at myself in the mirror, I found that there has been no change in the past two weeks.
Contrary to many assumptions, suspending exercise does not mean that all the success achieved so far has been in vain. Simply put, “if you keep some principles in mind, you won’t lose all your muscles or gain incredible weight after a few weeks without training.”
Principle 1: no nutrition
I would like to add in the first sentence above, “people who want to lose weight need exercise or healthy diet.” Strangely, in the long run, one cannot live without another. This often happens.
If you don’t exercise, you think, “why should you eat a balanced diet? Without training, you won’t succeed.” Tips are already buzzing.
When people around me tell me that a healthy diet is nothing without exercise, I always press the red buzzer in my imagination. Ha ha ha ha. Wrong answer.
You can exercise and rest for two weeks without any problem, because there are still cracks. However, if you take a long break from a healthy diet and put pizza in the oven almost every day, you will inevitably gain weight.
So you need to be careful what you eat when you are not exercising (even if it is particularly difficult). Which one you choose is entirely up to you. When I don’t exercise, I personally prefer a low carbohydrate diet, because it’s relatively easy to get rid of carbohydrates.
So I did not hesitate to rule out most high calorie foods, such as lasagna and chocolate muffins. Of course, it all depends on your adherence to the best diet. So my suggestion on this point is: try it.

Principle 2: planning is the most important and final
Benjamin Franklin once said, “if you are not ready, you will fail.” In other words, “those who are not prepared will fail.”
This sentence is also very meaningful in weight loss. Planning and preparation play an important role in weight loss. People who go to the supermarket on an empty stomach but don’t have a shopping list usually buy more unhealthy things than they really want.
If you don’t have convenient healthy snacks in your office, you may want to use available cookies and candy bars.
If you go home hungry after working all day, instead of spending two hours preparing a four course menu in the kitchen, you might as well order something from the delivery service.
Do you understand what I’m talking about? If you want your weight loss plan to be successful, it is crucial.
Preparing meals regularly (preparing meals), shopping on special low carbohydrate shopping lists, and storing low sugar muses, dried fruits and nuts can reduce your shoulder pressure., You can reduce your jitter.
I always have some food choices at home, and I can use them immediately to make healthy snacks. These include:
Cucumber and tomato
Cream cheese
Low fat turkey breast
Boiled Egg
At the same time, I took unhealthy food out of the storeroom. Because there is nothing to eat without cornflakes.
Fortunately, you are unlikely to drag yourself from the sofa to the nearest gas station to buy something. However, if you have chocolate and chocolate in your cabinet, you can eat them. Therefore, you should have used it in the supermarket and it is still easy.

Principle 3: brush, activate and maintain teeth
It sounds ridiculous, but to be honest, this is the most important principle.
You can search any number of healthy recipes, add vegetables to your shopping cart, and write down a good nutrition plan. If you stick to it for only one day, you won’t lose weight. Therefore, the key to losing weight (not exercising) is to stick to it.
After all, there is no magic formula for weight loss, just a simple calculation. To lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you eat.
However, anyone who has tried knows that losing weight can be a difficult task. Thanks especially to our ancestors, our bodies tend to store rather than burn.
A kilogram of fat is equivalent to 7000 calories. Therefore, in order to lose weight, you need to save a lot of calories.
Therefore, it is important not to lose motivation while losing weight, and to be able to celebrate small successes at any time. If you set an achievable goal (that is, do not gain 10 kg in 2 weeks) into milestones (buy a yard smaller), then this method has the best effect.
Maybe you want to make your own inspirational book, in which you can enter your customers’ success, inspiration and your favorite recipes?
I believe that when you combine a balanced diet, good preparation and sufficient endurance, you can lose weight without any problem even during the rest of the exercise.