February 24, 2024

You often sweat and train hard all year, but in the first few days of winter, you suddenly lose your motivation and endurance? no problem! With these skills, you can exercise regularly and achieve your goals even in the dark season.


Who doesn’t know? In summer, when you go to see friends, exercise or drink beer after work, you are still energetic at the end of the night, but in winter, our body will only tell us one thing: hungry. Dark. Cold.

So comfortable sofa is usually more attractive than gym or park running. First of all, this is not the reason for panic, but completely normal.

However, if you find that you still want to exercise more frequently, but lack the endurance and necessary motivation to exercise in winter, then you have come to the right place! I hope these tips will make it easier for you to get back on track.

Anyone who knows me a little knows that sports are essential to me – even in winter. But that doesn’t mean it’s always easy for me. Sometimes I’m also very listless. I’d rather go to bed with a bag of cornflakes than sweat on the cross training machine.

This is why I have developed some skills for myself, through which I can avoid low motivation and stay active in the dark season!


Set goals


Melons are suitable for running in winter

Set yourself a spring sports goal!

Who said you had to wait until January to make a decision? Now it’s best to set a goal for yourself and achieve it before spring at the latest. You can set this goal separately according to your exercise ability.

My suggestion is that you really write down the goal you want to achieve so that you can remember it over and over again.

For example, goals can be:

Run 5 kilometers in a row

10 push ups without rest

Lose 2 kg

Fitness Challenge

Pull up without help

15 minute rope skipping

As you can see, the list of possible targets is long. Importantly, your goal is achievable and not too difficult. Because then you tend to give up rather than clench your teeth. If possible, find a big overall goal and divide it into several sub goals.

For example, it might look like this:

Your main goal is to run 5 kilometers continuously in a given time. Your first sub goal is to try to run 2.5 kilometers at any time.

Then you set a specific time limit for this distance and try to get close to the time you want in each training. Once you reach it, you will increase the distance until you can run five kilometers later.

Based on these sub goals, you can make a small plan on how to gradually and successfully achieve the main goals.


Have light!


Stretch thin melon in winter

Winter means darkness

Although it is still bright late into the night in the summer months, in winter, the sun usually disappears earlier than we think.

This not only has a great impact on our emotions, but also on our sports endurance and weak self. He didn’t see himself jogging in the city with his headlights, but holding a bag of French fries on the sofa.

That’s why it’s important to exercise at least once a week in November and December. Most importantly, of course, in fresh air. Maybe you can even exercise before going to work in the morning, or mainly on weekends.

I personally exercise in the gym every week, and try to run large-scale (12-18 kilometers) on Saturday or Sunday, because I don’t like running after dark.

Daytime training can not only improve our motivation, but also ensure that we can really supplement energy and vitamin D reserves.


make preparation! Preparation is everything

Fitmelonie 在热身运动中

Fitmelonie is warming up

Only a small number of us suddenly want to exercise on a whim and pick up your bag to go to the gym after work.

The normal situation is more like this: when you get home, you first have to eat and relax. After that, you usually think that you actually want to wash clothes or tidy the kitchen. This sport is often put aside.

Therefore, you should consciously rely on some simple skills to face small motivation lows and enhance your endurance.


Give me the rhythm

Set aside two days a week to allow you at least one hour of exercise. These days – Wednesday and Friday for me, for example – are prevented from exercising by you. Maybe you want to take a specific course in the gym, or you have a running group that jogs on a specific day.

In order to make the sports day an integral part of your daily life in winter, it is important that you really strive to stick to it. This also means that you should try to move your spontaneous date to another day.


I packed my gym bag and took it with me

Proper preparation is the key to continuous training – not only in winter. If you plan to exercise the next day, you’d better pack your exercise bag the night before.

Nothing is more frustrating than looking for towels, water bottles or headphones shortly before training. In the worst case, just find that you only have a pair of sneakers in the gym.

By the way, a ready-made sports bag is also very suitable for going to work or staying in the car, so that you can drive directly to training after work. This makes it easier to resist the temptation to lie on the sofa at home; -)

I hope my personal advice can help you stay physically active, especially in the dark winter!