November 30, 2023

What we eat today is not only nutrition. And avocado bread is no longer just avocado bread, but almost a work of art. On instagram, a food trend followed. Let me introduce you to three perennial favorites you absolutely must try!

In recent years, social media has become an indispensable part of my life. As a food and fitness blogger, my daily decisions are more or less influenced by applications such as #.

What and how we eat

Although I have a lot of fun in this application, it is important to critically question the content on instagram from time to time.

Once created for publishing snapshots, almost every photo on instagram is now planned, designed, and edited. On the one hand, it’s unrealistic, on the other hand, it’s good, because for a moment, everything can be as you imagine.

Who doesn’t want to have enough time to eat a “delicious breakfast” with pink passion fruit, nut butter and fairy dust on a completely normal Tuesday morning, instead of washing out the cheese sandwich with the last sip of coffee.

For me as a food blogger, instagram means paying attention to details. This means arranging blueberries in cold oatmeal with the patience of angels before family dinner, and shouting “stop, I haven’t taken photos yet”.

In my opinion, instagram gives food a new meaning. Eating is no longer just food intake, but an event, which is more appreciated and almost celebrated.

In addition to many bloggers or online celebrities, instagram has also turned some dishes and food into real stars. Because in addition to fashion blogs, the focus is mainly on various cooking and baking blogs.

Food trends need not be particularly novel or contain luxury ingredients.


Aesthetics of zoos

Since you can’t taste dishes on instagram, you must imagine their taste, mainly focusing on the creative appearance that wants to make it a food trend.

How do colors coordinate with each other? Does it look fresh and appetizing? Food bloggers have created real masterpieces and pay more and more attention to the health factors of dishes.

Although beef stew is delicious, it is unlikely to become a real food trend on instagram, between rainbow pizza and shrimp salad.

Therefore, you should definitely try the following three food trends on instagram!


Avocado Sandwich

Avocado made an absolute breakthrough through instagram. At the same time, avocado is not only used for dipping sauce, but also for hair care. They are used as a substitute for butter and used to make delicate avocado roses. Of course, you can put them not only on your hair, but also on your bread. Avocado, poached egg and whole wheat bread

The combination of is heaven. Great, you can eat avocado bread in the restaurant now. Honestly? Who used to order bread in a restaurant? If you like to eat something different in a restaurant, you can try avocado bread

Do it yourself at home. It may not look so perfect, but it tastes absolutely as good.


At the end of the rainbow

To put it bluntly, rainbow is an atmospheric optical phenomenon with radical color gradient in spectral color. At least Wikipedia says so.

But in fact, the rainbow is much more than that. It is very special because it can only be seen in a very short time. It is a symbol of hope. According to Irish legend, its end even hides a treasure. Instagram brings the rainbow in the sky directly to your plate.

Rainbow sushi, rainbow bagels, rainbow coffee Rainbow everything or something like that. Beautiful food just tastes better – it’s no different from the color of the rainbow. Therefore: we must try!

Oatmeal breakfast bowl

I remember about 10 years ago, when she made breakfast oatmeal, I looked at my mother’s shoulder in disgust. Light brown and mushy – it doesn’t look very appetizing, although the combination of oatmeal, almond milk and cinnamon doesn’t taste so bad.

Ten years later, I asked, “Mom, when will your cooking blog come out?” Because now oatmeal (also known as porridge) is an absolute food trend. Zoats, noats, proats, now there are many different variants, which will soon make people dizzy. Pair with vegetables, nuts, protein powder or just add cinnamon to the original mother’s version. Everything is possible, nothing is necessary!