February 24, 2024

Christmas gluttony is finally over. Many of us hope to start living healthier, slimmer and more relaxed as soon as possible in the new year. In my new blog, I explained why most goodwill failed in February at the latest, and what skills can make it work this year!

After the holidays every year, we make plans for the new year. We want to lose weight, exercise more, quit smoking, and finally quit other bad habits in life. Although we walked through all the Christmas markets in December and didn’t miss any entertainment, absolute asceticism began on January 1 of the new year.

We continued our much hyped detox diet, which we had postponed for a long time, registered gym members, and stockpiled a large number of books on meditation and relaxation.

In order to increase the pressure to move forward this time, we should tell our acquaintances as much as possible that we will really succeed.

Unfortunately, the tide of new year’s momentum tends to come quickly. Although the stadium in January is still like an ant hill, by the end of February, the number of athletes in the new year has decreased sharply. The old eating habits we successfully abandoned in the first week of the new year are slowly becoming popular again. We really don’t have time to meditate between work, dating and private life.


Too many at a time

Fitmelonies prepares meals with vegetables and rice

Fitmelonies 用蔬菜和米饭准备饭菜

This cycle we experience year after year is not a phenomenon, but a normal one.

Why we cannot maintain good intentions can easily be explained by bad and better intentions:

Bad resolution: too many at a time

Most of the time, we not only have good intentions, but also want to change our whole life immediately. We want to be slimmer, more beautiful, more balanced and more motivated. As a result, we will only be more depressed. Because we can’t work at different construction sites in our lives at the same time. So we did a little bit of everything, but we didn’t do it right. We are overwhelmed by many projects and are afraid of failing to realize our social ideals. So we will soon escape to the old behavior pattern, because we feel safe there and are unlikely to fail.

Better solution: set priority

Perhaps there is a new year’s resolution above all else. If you want to be healthier, you don’t have to go to the gym, take yoga classes, and jog with the running group three times a week. Focus on healthy food. Define why you want to eat healthily, what benefits it brings to you, and what options there are to implement your plan. Or maybe you just want to be cleaner. Then, this alone should be your determination in 2017. Here, you can also ask yourself what the current problems are and how order may change your inner existence.


Too radical

Good willingness to exercise


Poor resolution: too radical

You have decided to do more exercise in the new year and are very motivated to go to the gym. Since then, you plan to train at least five times a week and run two more days so that your new membership can really pay off.

Unfortunately, many are not always of great help, because not long after, the sports bag was in the farthest corner of the living room. The new treadmill was only used as a clothes hanger, and the running group had to cancel it twice due to strong reluctance.

Exercise is tiring. Especially if you haven’t really done physical activity before. When you feel that physical exercise has become a requirement, going to the gym may make people feel overwhelmed. In addition, the success of sports usually only appears after a few months. This is not only very boring, but also frustrating. The more times you plan to train, the more difficult it will be.

Better resolution: step by step

Is your goal in 2017 to gain muscle or exercise? You finally want to run 10 kilometers without losing your breath? Kindness is: step by step. When you train regularly, spend one day a week. This day is an appointment with yourself. Enter it in the calendar or let your mobile phone remind you. This date should not be postponed so that you can really incorporate it into your weekly plan. Once the exercise day becomes an integral part of your daily life, you can also train on an extra day.

The only important thing is not to let yourself be overwhelmed, but to continue training for a continuous day.


Too hasty

Bodybuilding melon yoga practice


Bad intention: too hasty

This year you decided to reduce your stress, but the next day you rumbled because you were stuck in a kilometer long traffic jam on your way to work? Goodwill has forgotten, fell into a well-known mode of thinking, thinking that breathing exercises are not worth it anyway, just wasting their money on relaxation CDs.

This idea of “black or white” is one of the main reasons for the failure of goodwill. Instead of drawing new impetus from your mistakes, you stamp your feet in your heart like a provocative child, and then say to yourself: I can’t do it anyway! Instead of pulling yourself together, you lose heart after your first failure and give up before it gets too tired.

Better solution: forgive mistakes

No one says it’s easy to get rid of bad habits for many years. There must be one or another situation that makes you have questions. You may want to light a cigarette or play with the idea of exchanging salad for hamburgers. How do you deal with things that don’t go your way?

Mistakes are human. It’s OK to slip temporarily and return to the old behavior. The only important thing is that you no longer set yourself in it and keep it for convenience. If you feel dizzy and weak in your legs after work, you’d better postpone your exercise to the next day.

Under no circumstances should there be an attitude of “it doesn’t matter now anyway”. Because then all good wishes are doomed to failure. Stand up, raise your chin, move on, forgive yourself.

I wish you strength, perseverance and motivation in the new year, your goals and aspirations!