November 30, 2023

At first glance, the Christmas season of cookies, hot wine and roast geese is a real obstacle for hard-earned dreamers. In today’s blog, I will explain how to stay slim during Christmas without giving up!

不同颜色的 Fitmelonies 饼干熊

I like Christmas. Every year, my family makes Christmas decorations, decorated, and most importantly baked.

The Christmas market in December is absolutely necessary for me. It’s hard for me to refuse hot chocolate, chestnuts and roasted almonds.

Many of you may be like me. However, here and there, one or another has a little pain of conscience. Maybe one should not eat the second baked apple in order to get a hard-earned dream image during the holiday.

In addition to all the inquiries about my cookie recipe, I often receive such questions: how do I not get fat during Christmas, and what skills do I have to lose weight on Christmas Eve.


Lose weight during Christmas – is it possible?

Fudge Christmas cupcakes


In my opinion, losing weight during this holiday is a very unrealistic goal, and it is doomed to fail in most cases. Therefore, if you decide to go on a diet again in December to lose a good figure at Christmas and new year’s Eve, you will not be very happy.

Because dieting is more associated with sacrifice and frustration than ever before, especially during Christmas. Do you have to force yourself to give up cookies and other things every day or Christmas? Or can’t you enjoy the smallest treat in the Christmas market because you’re afraid of getting fat again? If you ask me, it’s not true.

There are countless magazine articles offering advice on how to lose weight during this holiday.

But I don’t want to tell you how to save calories at the Christmas party. Just stand in the last line of the buffet and hope it will be empty when it’s your turn. I hope you enjoy the Christmas party and have a chance to taste everything.

You don’t have to divide sugar free cookies into rations to avoid eating too much, but you can enjoy the festival. Because if you want to use all these skills, the best way is to skip Christmas completely, because then you will definitely not enter the Christmas spirit.


There is no winter fat during Christmas

However, maintaining your current weight is not as difficult as it sounds at first. Here are my suggestions for Christmas!

No ban

Although it sounds contradictory, the most important guiding principle for getting the body you want is that there is no ban during Christmas. Once we start banning Christmas stollen, it will buzz in our minds. Stick to the motto: don’t think of pink elephants now. If we know that we can enjoy duck with red cabbage and dumplings more than once this winter, we don’t need to gobble up at the first opportunity.

Balance is the key

We know we will go to the Christmas market later. Do we really want lard? That’s all right. There is also a large portion of vegetables and protein rich side dishes for lunch. Is the visit to the Christmas market spontaneous? The next morning, just use a bowl of homemade fruit yogurt to start the new day.

Please don’t skip meals!

Only eat an apple for breakfast and no lunch, can you really attend the Christmas party? D would rather not. Because hunger is not only unpleasant, but also tempts us to enjoy buffets more often and eat much more than the balanced breakfast and lunch we actually eat.

Christmas = gluttony?

For many of us, Christmas is the ultimate feast of legitimacy that we know and believe. Although this is not entirely wrong, we should remember that Christmas celebrations are not just about Christmas geese or chocolate arrival calendars. Christmas is characterized by many other beautiful things. If this is in the foreground, biscuits will no longer play a major role in family reunion, but they will definitely taste twice as good.

Christmas exercise

Anyone who thinks they can specifically offset plastered snacks through refreshing Christmas exercise will have no time in December. Because even if there are 10 vanilla crescents, each with 25 calories, you must step on your bike for nearly 35 minutes. Nevertheless, there should be no lack of sports during Christmas. Instead of focusing on burning calories, we should do some exercises that are good for ourselves and keep healthy in the cold season.

I wish you a beautiful winter and clear your mind. If you gain a few kilograms, it’s absolutely no problem, because you won’t really get fat between Christmas and new year, but between new year and Christmas.; -)