November 30, 2023

Eating healthy is not always easy. In order to bring some inspiration to your healthy diet in your daily life, I recorded my diet of the day. Click here to view the article!

Fitmelonie 的营养计划

“Can you write me a meal plan? I think this is one of the most common sentences I receive through email, instagram and my circle of acquaintances.

Yes, I am a dietitian and have the necessary professional knowledge. No, I can’t write a meal plan. Why? The answer is this: I often hear these three sentences, so that they ring in my ear now

How fast!

No, it’s impossible. Unless you take an ordinary plan. Otherwise, a nutrition plan means a lot of work, detailed research, and an in-depth examination of the habits and preferences of people who want to tailor a nutrition plan for them.

Can’t make a standard meal plan?

No more. Because the standard nutrition plan is not suitable for people’s energy needs and habits, but serves the public. Therefore, compared with personal nutrition programs, the success of such programs is relatively insignificant.

I just eat clean now – then I don’t need a nutrition plan

Basically not completely wrong. But if you try to shift your diet from pizza and chocolate candy to chicken salad, you may encounter difficulties. Because we humans are habitual animals. Those who are used to eating potato chips in front of the TV will find it difficult to be satisfied with chopped pepper.

For this reason, this dietary change is usually transient. The next time we go to the supermarket, we quickly return to the old way and don’t eat chili.

The personal nutrition plan will respond to personal needs and will not prohibit anything you absolutely cannot do without. We have pancakes every Sunday. Although I eat healthily, I won’t let anything or anyone take away my \pancakesunday.

Instead, I will reduce the rest of Sunday and add a lot of vegetables. The cycle is closed here again: balance is the key!

I hope I’ve clarified why I can’t write you a nutrition plan (even if I want to).


Calories, salad and cheating day

Fitmeloni berry pancake

Fitmelonie 浆果煎饼

However, I am almost often asked the second question. The question is, “what are you eating? What’s your diet?” In order to let you know my current diet plan, I recorded the main meal and snacks of the day.

Of course, you cannot transfer the nutrition plan in a ratio of 1:1. However, you can definitely take one or another idea with you and integrate it into your own diet.

However, it is important that you know something about me and my diet!

count calorie

I no longer count calories. I also don’t track any nutritional value or try to eat a lot of protein. I have weighed each gram of diet and entered it into the nutrition application long enough. This is far from normal for me, because I soon had a dysfunctional relationship with some high-fat or high calorie foods. That’s why I don’t count calories.

However, when you start changing your diet, tracking your diet for a period of time can help you better understand the nutritional value and calories.


I like to eat snacks all my life. That’s why I only eat two big meals a day at most. I spread the rest of what I need on all kinds of snacks.

Drink and drinking behavior

Except for daily coffee, my nutrition plan doesn’t record any drinks, because drinking is taken for granted for me. I try to use water to meet most liquid needs.

However, I also drink myself an energy drink or diet coke from time to time. If you don’t drink enough, I suggest you put a water bottle full of glass on the table. There is also the so-called “drinking alarm clock”, which reminds you to drink regularly through the application on your mobile phone.


I like salad. I may have been a snail in my last life. That’s why it’s almost routine for me to eat at least one salad every day. Don’t worry, I’ll eat something else, too. But lettuce is not just vegetables and boring things. If you want to see it for yourself, you should see the salad gallery.

Cheating day

Basically, the word cheating day is not suitable for my diet. Because I’m not on a diet. Instead, I decided to eat healthily. This is why it is possible to indulge in chaos occasionally.

I like to go out for sushi. I like pancakes and cheesecakes. An unhealthy meal won’t make you fat – just like a healthy meal won’t make you thin. So don’t be surprised if you find cinnamon rolls between salads and raw vegetables in my nutrition plan.


#Whatieatinaday Part 1


Tuesday, 6:20 a.m. – mixed milk breakfast with soy yogurt (plain) and frozen blackberries


Crispy granola with yogurt and frozen berries


Although I can hardly open my eyes at 6 a.m., my stomach is usually awake and anxiously waiting for it to finally fill up. Since things usually have to be done quickly in the morning, I usually prepare breakfast under the motto “keep it simple”.

My breakfast gives me energy for the day. So I try to balance it. Carbohydrates, protein and a lot of vitamins. But be careful: ready made cereals are often hidden sugar bombs, because just because they advertise “30% fiber” does not mean they are healthy.

My advice: either mix it yourself or study the ingredients list carefully. Here you can learn how to make your own granola cereal: homemade nut cereal

If you want to find more delicious cereal ideas in the morning, you should look at the gallery.

Tuesday, 6:45 a.m. – first cup of coffee with milk

Before 7 o’clock in the morning, I took my dog for a walk in the morning. My milk coffee should not be lost. Caffeine + plenty of fresh air help me wake up in the morning. I drink coffee with semi skimmed milk.

Tuesday, 8 a.m. – 9 a.m. – second cup of coffee with milk

As soon as I go to work, I fill my water bottle and drink a second latte, which I brought from home with a thermos.


Eating lunch

Tuesday, 12:00 noon – Avocado Salad with steamed couscous and shrimp

Fitmelonies 鳄梨沙拉配蒸粗麦粉和虾

Fitmelonies Avocado Salad with steamed couscous and shrimp

When I work, I usually have only one salad for lunch. On the one hand, this is because I like salad, but on the other hand, because I feel tired soon after eating a rich, warm, carbohydrate rich meal. Then I completely relaxed in the typical midday downturn and wanted to go to bed.

I usually cut salad the night before. I just added seasoning in advance. Preparing meals can save a lot of time and prevent appetite. For more information, click here: preparing meals.


street food

Tuesday, 2.30 p.m. – Cinnamon Roll

Fitmelonie 肉桂卷

Fitmelonie cinnamon roll

A cinnamon roll has never hurt anyone – neither, by the way. I don’t eat afternoon sweets every day. Sometimes a few rice cakes or an apple will do.

But on that day, I had an incredible desire to make my daily work sweeter. Note: it’s OK to treat yourself from time to time. The important thing is to keep your balance.



Tuesday 7 p.m. – mixed vegetables, boiled eggs and strawberries

Fitmelonie 小吃用黄瓜、鸡蛋、草莓和西红柿

Fitmelonie snacks use cucumbers, eggs, strawberries and tomatoes

Since the afternoon is very stressful for me, and I drive home less than an hour after work, there is usually a few hours between my lunch and dinner. That’s why I’m hungry as soon as I get home.

In order not to eat the whole refrigerator empty, I left a Tupperware box, which always contains healthy snacks (mealprep).


Evening snacks

9:00 p.m. Tuesday – raw vegetables, fruits, eggs and chicken breast

Fitmelonies 生食拼盘配水果和蔬菜

Fitmelonies raw platter with fruits and vegetables

In the evening, I ate a raw food platter with cucumbers, tomatoes, an apple slice, 4-5 pieces of chicken breast, blueberries and a boiled egg (by the way, it is still in the Tupperware box).

Generally speaking, my dinner was rich, but that night, the chicken and vegetables in the Tupperware box satisfied my hunger.

I want you to really only take this one-day meal plan as an inspiration. I don’t eat so many vegetables every day. And I also like to eat pizza in the evening. If you eat too much in one day, there is no reason to starve the next day.

Don’t overemphasize your diet. It’s really not worth it. I wish you a good start in the new week!