November 30, 2023

Christmas is wonderful. But after a particularly rich Christmas menu, our conscience is very slim. In today’s blog post, I will show you how to spend your vacation without feeling guilty!

I like Christmas and everything that comes with it. Of course, don’t miss cookies, Christmas market visits and Holiday Christmas menus.

In my daily life, I try to eat a healthy diet almost every day, avoid eating white flour products, eliminate saturated fatty acids in my diet, and cook fresh food with a large number of vegetables.

This balance between healthy eating and Christmas is not easy. I try it every year. How much is the food? When is it full? Do you really need the last biscuit?

At the same time, I found a good way to enjoy delicious food during Christmas without being bound by my conscience.

By the way, even if you completely diet during the holiday, you won’t gain weight between Christmas and new year, but you will gain weight between new year and Christmas; -)


My suggestion

Winter mutton lettuce


Don’t set unrealistic goals

Even countless magazine articles claim that this is not the case. Losing weight around Christmas is a very unrealistic goal, almost always doomed.

Therefore, if you decide to go on a simple diet again at the end of December to keep in shape on Christmas and new year’s Eve, you will not enjoy it very much.

I know myself very well. People who are forced to eat less are not only in a bad mood, but also ruin Christmas, said calmly.

It is best to make a new plan for 2018 and develop a strategy, training plan or nutrition diary.


Don’t skip meals!

Would you like an apple for breakfast instead of lunch so that you can have a delicious Christmas dinner with your grandmother?

instead of. Hunger is not only unpleasant, but also tempts you to eat an extra dish to achieve a balanced breakfast and lunch.

It’s much better to eat protein rich food in the morning and at noon. Why not have fruit and grain quarks for breakfast and lots of fish and vegetables for lunch?


Another Christmas dinner

Tired of roast duck with red vegetables? How about a new one? It doesn’t have to be rich and greasy. Christmas menus can be designed in different ways.

Make a light soup or salad in advance to satisfy your initial hunger and save calories. Especially on the first and second day of Christmas, it may be a little suspicious. Vegetarian Christmas menu is also a good choice.


Can you be lazy?

Yes, I know. According to the degree of bulimia, the desire to exercise will be weakened. During Christmas, when you are full, it is almost impossible to think of exercising in the dark.

You should still be fine, at least there is a long way to go. It can not only ensure that we burn some calories, but also have a positive impact on our hunger.

It can also boost our metabolism and strengthen our immune system as we move. So put a hat and some warm gloves on your inner bastard, and then walk in the park together.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year!